Market your blogs with Firepow Blogging Software

As blogs and blogging become more popular , how to monetize traffic from a log or a web site?becomes an even more important aspects. Every week we get new tools and new plugins that are being developed. In this review I am going to talk of Andrew Hansen's Firepow Blogging Software , its a very [...]

Bring the Law Of Attraction to your life

What are you thinking about right now?? The Law of Attraction states that "whatever we think about, we bring about". This law may initially seem like new age fluff but believe it or not, there are scientific merits to this proposition. The top quantum physicists of our time have discovered that our universe and our [...]

Did you win anything this weekend ?

Its been?good day today in Toronto , Canada. Nice sunny weather?, not too warm. Me and my wife decided to go?spend the entire day shopping. Its good to?visits malls once is a while?you get to know different?marketing and promotional strategies that?companies use to make an impact with their audience. Interesting to know which promo strategies [...]

How To Rank On Page One in Google in 15 days

That's a tough one to crack but I landed on page one in the first 5 days on Google for one of my health blogs. How did I achieve this ? Buy choosing the right domain name that is linked to the theme?of?the site , Google gives?high ranking priority to sites that have relevant domain [...]

I have .ME, Have you ?

Its been 24 hours since .me extensions have opened up, I logged in last night to my GoDaddy account and booked a few .ME extensions. Most of them are available but you ll need to rush. Some of the cool names like , , , have already been taken up. Its [...]