8 Great Twitter Tools Every Blogger Should Use

Twitter is one of the most popular social media networks out there. For every blogger, it is imperative that they maintain a popular Twitter profile. With millions of monthly active users using the social media network, Twitter is a great place for bloggers to obtain as much audience as possible for their blogs. Here are [...]

An online presence has become paramount in the prevailing global economic conditions. Unless you have been living under a rock, you have watched Facebook evolve from just an online ‘meet me’ spot to a staple in business. This phenomenal online platform has instituted steady improvements over the years and one of the latest ones being, [...]

10 Proven Techniques to Write Engaging Emails

Most content marketers would agree that email marketing is unavoidable for businesses. If you have got quality content, marketing emails can be more engaging and successful. Adopt these 5 easy ways to create engaging emails in your marketing strategy: Create a meaningful Subject Line: The subject line will often be the reason for the user [...]

My Top 10 Quotes on Happiness

Happiness does not come from what you have, but from who you are and what you think. You can be the richest person in your locality or in your office but that has no relation to you being happy. You can have the biggest house in the neighborhood but that does not mean you are [...]

Social Media Marketing Trends in 2018

As we all gear into the new year, its important to reflect on the new possibilities and technologies that can impact your website in 2018. My friends at Digital Vidya have blogged about key social media marketing trends in 2018 that will make a difference to your marketing ROI, these trends are a Social Media [...]

15 Business Quotes from Alibaba’s Jack Ma

Jack Ma, the mavrick entrepreneur who founded the Chinese eCommerce company Alibaba has a great rags to riches story to tell. Alibaba has been labelled to be more successful than Walmart and other off line retail giants. Jack Ma is the richest Chinese by networth - USD 40.5 billion as per 2017 data. Below are [...]

An ecommerce site has many features. But which of these are the most essential? Is your site missing any important one? It is often hard to answer these questions even for an expert designer. Though the standard features of an ecommerce site are pretty well known, it is not uncommon to see that even big [...]

How efficient is your website? If you were to access your site from any mobile device, would you be satisfied with the experience? For some years, there has been a lot of talk about mobile-responsiveness, yet a good number of website are yet to adapt. The mobile craze is not without good reason. In 2015, [...]

112 Online Experts Share Their First Online Income

Did you know that online bloggers and webmasters who make a living by making money online, made a very small amount at first - but they never gave you their quest to continue their online dreams. My friends at AmplifyBlog just released a super post on how 112 online experts made their first income online. [...]

The All New Firefox Quantum launches Nov 14, 2017

Google Chrome is up against the new Firefox browser that officially launches on November 14, 2017. The browser from Mozilla promised to be fast and fierce with cutting edge technology that makes it 2x faster than the present Firefox browser and claims to use 30 % less memory than Chrome. Rightly named Quantum, which gives [...]