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Google launches Bumper Ads for YouTube

Google is launching a new ad format called - "Bumper Ads" on YouTube, it's a six second video ad format that is available on the adwords dashboard on a CPM model. Publishers can use this format to According to Google 'Bumper Ads' work well if it's a combination of true view and Google preferred campaigns, [...]

RIP – The Yahoo Directory

When was the last time you used Yahoo search ? Don't remember...neither do I. I Google for anything I want and over 90 % of us use Google to search information. But go down memory lane, in mid 90's Yahoo directory pioneered the system of an online directory. Yahoo listed all sites and business into [...]

Katy Perry hits 50 million followers on Twitter

Katy Perry hits 50 million followers on Twitter. And its not who we all thought would be the first to touch that milestone - not Justin Beiber, not Lady Gaga and not Barack Obama. The 29 year old singer is now the first person to have 50 million followers on Twitter. According to Twitter Counter [...]

It has been discussed and debated to death in the week prior to the official announcement: the fact that Internet giant Yahoo had plans on getting the rapidly-burgeoning social blogging platform Tumblr. It has received very mixed reactions, many of the users on the site itself protesting the very act, to the point that they [...]

Google Guide on How to Avoid Getting Hacked

Being hacked is every web business owners nightmare, if you're business is on the web you need to ensure that you've invested in the best tools and products to avoid being hacked. To make things easy for webmasters, Google recently announced help for hacked sites - A complete step by step instruction guide and videos [...]

According to a new report released by Experian Marketing Services, Pinterest is now the third most-visited social networking site in the U.S., falling just behind Facebook and Twitter. This standing is pretty impressive considering that the sites traffic just started to grow exponentially in October 2011. In fact, between January and February of this year, [...]

Firefox Turns Five

It's been 5 years since Mozilla released its Firefox 1.0, the open source web browser has since then achieved amazing growth and community involvement from coders and developers around the globe. Firefox has succeed to topple Microsoft's IE that was grappling with security and vulnerability issues. Microsoft's IE 6 was a big disaster when it [...]

Who Gained in the Microsoft – Yahoo Deal ?

Microsoft finally got Yahoo to surrender control of Internet's second most popular search engine. But I am very curious to know what you think, who gained in the Microsoft - Yahoo deal ?

Microsoft to spend $2.25 billion a year on search

Steve Ballmer's is on a battle front in the online search engine market with the launch of Bing, he has made his intention very clear that Bing will be a serious contender to Google and Yahoo's share in the search market. Microsoft's share of the US searches is about 8 % , a distant third [...]

Bing opens to a good first week

Microsoft's new search engine, Bing got off to a good opening week of its public launch, according to an early report from