Twitter Marketing

8 Great Twitter Tools Every Blogger Should Use

Twitter is one of the most popular social media networks out there. For every blogger, it is imperative that they maintain a popular Twitter profile. With millions of monthly active users using the social media network, Twitter is a great place for bloggers to obtain as much audience as possible for their blogs. Here are [...]

Have you verified your account with Twitter ?

Twitter is making it easy for you to verify your handles and make them more credible. Twitter today announced that it will allow anyone to apply to be verified. Once verified your twitter handle will get a small check mark making it a verified account. Being verified ensures that your account is creators and influencers [...]

Now watch Livestream Wimbeldon on Twitter

Game, Set, Match - Twitter......Twitter has won the game, well at least the livestream broadcast of the game. Your mobile and your tweet feeds have just become your @wimbeldon and watch Wimbeldon live here. Let's hope we get to see more livestream events from Twitter.

Now upload 140 second videos on Twitter

Video tweets on twitter have increased by 50% since the beginning of 2016 and Twitter is moving rapidly to address the user preference and product changes related to videos. The latest change is a major one, gone are a days where you could upload only 30 second videos on twitter. The 140 second videos: video [...]

Twitter’s new ‘Block Troll’ feature

You so often see users on twitter trolling on a tweet or upsetting a tweet conversation from a celebrity or a brand. This hampers the overall Twitter experience and spams users' twitter feeds. To counter this twitter has come out with a super feature that will help you block trolls or people who's tweets you [...]

Twitter changes counting for 140 characters

Twitter is doing a massive change, no its not increasing the 140 character limit for tweets. Its doing away with counting the characters it did for images, @name,.@ and more. Twitter wants to be more relevant to what you want to say and wants to give you the opportunity to correctly represent your influence in [...]

Tweeter apps will now play Gifs and Videos

Got excited seeing gifs on Twitter ? There's good news... I've been using Twitter on the desktop as well as on the mobile, I loved the new gifs that Twitter shows on the desktop, they are very cool and gives the user a rich media experience. Sadly it wasn't the same on the Twitter app. [...]

Twitter replaces Favourites with Likes

Twitter's doing a Facebook :), its made a fundamental change to the product's emotional icon. The favorite star icon that was Twitters symbol for users to click on their tweets has been officially killed. The "like" icon with a hear has replaced the star. While it's not a major change in the function I would [...]

Watch Twitter Flight 2015 video sessions online

Twitter's annual developer conference - Twitter Flight 2015 is now available online, in case you've missed the live web cast of the event you can view it online. Twitter platform and how you can use it to increase your business. Don't forget to start the session with Jack Dorsey's keynote. In case you missed the [...]

Facebook introduces New Search FYI

Search has always been Google's forte, they've been on the forefront of search and have launched numerous products around search and search capabilities. The Google founders started Google as a search engine for the web and the rest is history. Twitter came and challenged the real time search capabilities of Google where tweets were shown [...]