Thesis Theme

Thesis Theme 2.0 launches 1st Oct 2012, save $33 today "If God Blogged it would be on Thesis" The Thesis Theme is the mother of all wordpress themes, I've been using it for all my blogs since it launched a couple of years ago. I've not changed my blog theme since I've been on Thesis. [...]

If God Blogged he would use Thesis :) Thesis has been one of the most successful Wordpress themes used by bloggers, Chris the founder of the Thesis Theme just released Thesis 1.8.1 which is a performance upgrade to the earlier version in terms of speed and loading. Thesis 1.8.1 also covers minor bug fix that [...]

Download Thesis Theme 1.8

Chris Pearson the co-founder of the Wordpress Thesis Theme released the latest Thesis version last week - Thesis 1.8 for wordpress users. If you are a Thesis user you can now download the new version when you login into your Thesis account. The new version is a lot slicker and has got some awesome features, [...]

Thesis Theme 1.7 and Thesis Bonus valued at $477

Thesis Theme 1.7 version has arrived If your blog runs on Thesis this is great news for you, if you blog does not run on Thesis then you can grab the new Thesis 1.7 version The Thesis wordpress blogging Theme is rock solid with a superior code and design framework. Thesis powers this blog and [...]

Thesis Theme Discount: Only for the next 48 Hours

Only for the next 72 24 hours According to the recent changes in Terms & Condition by the founders of Thesis Theme, no re-seller can offer a cash discount or a coupon discount for the sale of the Thesis Theme from 1st March 2010. As a re-seller of the Thesis Theme, we respect and honor [...]

Thesis Theme Coupon $ 30 – Limited Time Offer

Limited Time Offer: Get $30 Discount on the Thesis Theme Thesis Theme is one of the top themes for wordpress bloggers and online publishers, it has a very solid backend frame work to support any sort of customization to your wordpress blog. The Thesis code is very clean, thus making it SEO friendly. This blog [...]

Win A Thesis WordPress Theme

Since I declared the Thesis Theme contest winner last month, I've been getting emails on a daily basis asking me when the next Thesis Theme contest will be posted on this blog. So I decided to give all of you the chance to win a Thesis Theme and other prizes. Andrew from webuildyourblog is holding [...]

Thesis Theme 1.6 is released – A Review

The much awaited Thesis Theme 1.6 version has just been released, the Thesis Theme 1.6 version was available in beta only to Thesis Theme developers license owners. The version is now available to all bloggers and online publishers who own the thesis theme. You can go download the Thesis Theme 1.6 version right now, the [...]

Thesis Theme coupon code payouts

We recently ran a very successful Thesis Theme Discount coupon code promotion for a month and are happy to announce that we have begun sending payouts to our readers. We gave away $ 20 on The Thesis Theme Developers License and $ 10 on The Thesis Theme Personal Option. These cash back or payouts were [...]

Thesis Theme 1.6 (beta) version launched

Thesis Theme recently launched the Thesis Theme 1.6 version, this version ensures that the Thesis Theme gets more friendly and easy for bloggers. As you would have noticed that this blog runs on the Thesis Theme . The Thesis Theme 1.6 version takes blogging to another level with the easy and clean code. The Thesis [...]