Laws of Success

My Top 10 Quotes on Happiness

Happiness does not come from what you have, but from who you are and what you think. You can be the richest person in your locality or in your office but that has no relation to you being happy. You can have the biggest house in the neighborhood but that does not mean you are [...]

15 Business Quotes from Alibaba’s Jack Ma

Jack Ma, the mavrick entrepreneur who founded the Chinese eCommerce company Alibaba has a great rags to riches story to tell. Alibaba has been labelled to be more successful than Walmart and other off line retail giants. Jack Ma is the richest Chinese by networth - USD 40.5 billion as per 2017 data. Below are [...]

I am a master procrastinator

I am a master procrastinator, I don't start doing things till the last minute - It's amazing how I've managed to keep this blog updated with more than

Muhammed Ali RIP

The world's greatest is no more. Muhammed Ali was an inspiration to many around the global, not only a great sportsman but a giant of a man with super attitude and sense of humour. I loved reading his Muhammed Ali..You will always be 'The Greatest'.

15 Money Quotes to Inspire you in 2016

Let me wish you all a very Happy 2016. I thank you for being a part of my blogging community. There can't be a better post to start 2016 than this one. Lets start the year with inspiration, money and lots of success. :) Check out my favorite 15 quotes on Will Smith 2. I [...]

12 Inspirational Lance Armstrong Quotes about Life

Lance Armstrong, a former american cyclist won seven consecutive Tours de France titles from 1999 to 2005. Lance was diagnosed with testicular cancer in 1996, he fought the battle with grit and determination. He founded the Livestrong foundation to help other cancer survivors and cancer charity foundations. 1- If you're worried about falling off the [...]

Happy Engineer’s Day: 15 Famous Engineering Quotes

Happy Engineer's Day Engineer's Day is celebrated around the world on 15th September, a day dedicated to those without whom every machine would not be made. A day to be extra nice to your coding and development team :) A day to be thankful to some of the greatest engineering minds. Below are 15 famous [...]

Google's has a new structure and a new CEO. Sundar Pichai, the 43 year old Indian born techie is Google's new CEO. He has been with Google since 2004 spear heading almost all of Google's search and mobile initiatives. Here are 10 things you did not know about Sundar Pichai 1) Sundar joined Google in [...]

14 Memorable Quotes by Dr. Abdul Kalam

Dr. A.P.J Abdul Kalam was the 11th President of India, he was also know as the "People's President of India" died on monday after he collapsed during a lecture at the IIM university in Shillong. An iconic Indian, a dreamer and a role model to countless around the globe. Below are 14 If you fail, [...]

5 Unusual Habits of Exceptional People

It is a notion that exceptional people are only born and not made. Anyone can become exceptional just by changing their way of life and being under control. A research was conducted recently and it was found that all exceptional people had some common habits. Five of them are listed below. 1. They are good [...]